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Join the Better Buying Panel to share your opinions and earn rewards! You sign up and take quick surveys about exciting brands focused on health, sustainability, and animal welfare. Every time you respond to a survey, we give you points that you can exchange for gift cards or donations to charity. 

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Joining the Better Buying Panel is free and quick. Connect with our community of better buyers to have your opinions heard by today’s leading brands. Your feedback will help shape the future of healthy and sustainable products. We’ll ask some questions to get to know you and learn about your buying preferences. You’ll earn your first 100 points with immediate chances to earn another 150 points!

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The Better Buying Panel works with major companies and new startups that are finding better ways to do business. And they want your feedback. Once you sign up and complete your profile, you’ll be invited to take 2-3 surveys each month and earn more points. We value your time and won’t overwhelm you with lots of emails or lengthy surveys.


Earn Rewards

The points that you collect by taking our surveys can be spent on rewards, including e-gift cards for major online retailers, prepaid debit or credit cards, and charitable donations. Your opinions are valuable and we strive to reward you generously for every survey that you complete. The more points you collect, the more potential rewards you can get.

Want more details about joining, taking surveys, and the rewards you can earn? Check out our help center and frequently answered questions.